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Aladdin HD^pro! {2019} Full Movie.mp4
14 May 2019
Aladdin HD^pro! {2019} Full Movie.mp4
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Travel Portugal in 4K: Lisbon, Sintra & Lagos | GoPro & DJI Mavic Pro

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Exploring Lagos and Lisbon, Portugal. This is a great trip and is relatively easy to do- just a 5 hour train connects Lisbon to Lagos, and getting to Sintra is a simple 30 minute commuter train from Lisbon. All of the destinations were seen in a one week trip.


TOP TRAVEL TIPS: Google Map of all the destinations

*Lisbon is full of things to do. I recommend staying near, Barro Alto and the Rossio Train Station (Used to get to Sintra). We stayed right inbetween and it was the perfect location.
*Go up the Santa Justa Lift! But, you do not have to wait in line to go up the lift. Just go to Restaurante Panorâmico em Lisboa, located just to the south side of the Carmo Archaeological Museum

*Tips on getting to Sintra: Go to the Rossio Train Station, and the train will take you straight to Sintra. Google Maps of the route:
*Website used for information about Sintra:
*Once in Sintra: we wanted to use the bus (Bus 43) to tour, but traffic was so bad, we just spent more to take a Tuk-Tuk ($5 per person per ride vs. $5 all day for the bus).
*Do not miss the Initiation Well in Quinta da Regaleira!

*To get to Lagos: take the metro to the Sete Rios Stationi. Then the train takes about 3.5 hours to get to Tunes, where you will transfer. The next train's final stop is Lagos. Google Maps of the train route to get to Lagos:,+P
*Train website in Portugal:
*Lagos is a very small town but one could easily spend 4 nights here.
*Hike along the path to take in the other beaches
*Make sure to do a kayak, paddleboard or boat tour to see the beaches from below
*If you're into Kayaking, do the Kayak trip. It will get you into many of the caves, but it is a lot of work, so be prepared!

What we did:
(0:00) Intro (Lagos, Bellem Tower, Initiation Well, Lagos, Santa Justa Lift, Castelo dos Mouros in Sintra, Kayaking the Algrave, Pena Palace, Praia Dona Ana Beach, Lagos

(0:15) Lagos- walking into the town
(0:20) Walking and relaxing along the Praia Dona Ana Beach
(0:23) Emergency Helicopter Landing for someone who got hurt in the surf
(0:46) Kayaking and drone clips of the Algrave Beaches in Lagos
(1:15) Praia do Camilo, Lagos
(1:52) Kayaking near the Praia da Balança
(2:30) Hiking along the beaches of the Algrave: Lagos Farol da Ponta da Piedade & (2:50) Praia do Barranco do Martinho

(3:22) Park and National Palace of Pena
(4:11) Castelo dos Mouros
(4:49) Quinta da Regaleira
(5:20) Initiation Wells (the tunnel and the well)

(6:06) Lisbon- Downtown
(6:13) Belem Tower
(6:21) Padrão dos Descobrimentos
(6:30) Santa Justa Lift
(6:46) Barro Alto Neighborhood

Video taken with:
-iPhone 6s, 4K 30fps

-GoPro Hero 5, 2.7K 60fps:

-GoPro Karma Grip Stabilizer:

-Chest Mount for kayaking:

-DJI Mavic Pro, 4K 30fps with "Sunny" settings:

Songs used:
High - Lyfo
FREE DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud
(Extended Club Version is also available)

Glass Animals - Gooey (Tydes Remix)

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Aladdin HD^pro! {2019} Full Movie.mp4
14 May 2019
Aladdin HD^pro! {2019} Full Movie.mp4
MarlynHollandan · 1 Vues