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Kreatur No.4 - La (petite) part de femmes dans l'art | ARTE
03 Feb 2019
Kreatur No.4 - La (petite) part de femmes dans l'art | ARTE
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Rwandan. Part 1 (The Ethnic Origins of Beauty)

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The interview with a representative of Rwandan people for the project "The Ethnic Origins of Beauty"

© NBRECstudio
© Les origines de la beauté
Music: © Rwanda Music Cecile Kayirebwa
Date and place of filming: 4 November 2015 in Paris
The Rwandans are an East African bantu people, main population of Rwanda. Christianity is the largest religion in the country, and the principal language is Kinyarwanda.

Total population: 9 million
"The Ethnic Origins of Beauty" (Les origines de la beauté) is a non-profit, artistic, documentary and research project about the ethnic diversity of mankind, presented through the beauty of women of all ethnic groups of the world.
The objectif of this project is to show the real scale of ethnocultural diversity in a full, systematic and creative way; to illustrate each and every distinctive ethnicity, however small it is, and whatever its official status.
It is the ethnicities put on the base of the project, rather than countries, to show the picture of human diversity vividly, which we do not see when focusing only at racial or national typologies that are characteristic for the most international competitions or other events. Limiting only by civil affiliation, 90% of existing peoples stay invisible, because they are not presented as independent countries.

The project “The Ethnic Origins of Beauty” received the acknowledgment of UNESCO and was first officially presented at an exhibition devoted to international women’s day in March 2014, at its Parisian headquarters.

Apart of Internet publishing, broadcasting on TV, exhibitions, publications of books, DVDs and other are planned all along and at the end of the project

The project started in 2012, but it is only in the early stages of its realisation and in constant need of help. We would appreciate any kind of support, cooperation or partnership.

© Les origines de la beaute
All rights reserved
The reposting of the information and photos of the web-site is allowed only with the notion of the project name, the name of the author and reference to the website or the official Facebook page of the project:

CONTACTS for the participation and support of the project:
The Association for support to the project "The Ethnic Origins of Beauty"
65, rue de Rennes
Paris 75006, France
Теl.: +33668656824
Official web-site:
INSTAGRAM: lesoriginesdelabeaute

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Kreatur No.4 - La (petite) part de femmes dans l'art | ARTE
03 Feb 2019
Kreatur No.4 - La (petite) part de femmes dans l'art | ARTE
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